Admission to the Rotterdam Maritime Museum (Maritiem Museum)

Admission to the Rotterdam Maritime Museum (Maritiem Museum)

Cancellation Cancellations free of charge up to 24hrs prior departure time


The visit to the Rotterdam Maritime Museum

Discovering the Netherlands' maritime history

The 140-year-old year-old museum

Interactive activities for all ages

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10:00 - 17:00

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Explore Rotterdam's Maritime Museum and learn more about the Netherlands' maritime history!

With this ticket for the Rotterdam Maritime Museum, you'll find a fascinating collection and interactive exhibits that will teach you about the Netherlands' maritime history and how the country's industrial ports developed. Opened 140 years ago, the Maritime Museum is one of the largest harbour museums and allows you to visit old ships. There are also 3 cafés, the Professor Splash experience for children under 10 and lots of other activities!



  • Availability: Tuesdays to Sundays
  • (except under exceptional circumstances)Maritime Museum opening hours: 10am - 5pm except Sundays 11am - 5pm
  • This ticket provides admission to all the exhibitions, the Maritime Museum port and the workshops on offer
  • This ticket also allows you to go on the two mini cruises departing from the Maritime Museum port for an additional cost. This ticket also covers concessionary rates
  • If you are a student, you may be asked to show proof when you enter the museum
  • There are three cafés in the Maritime Museum where you can grab a bite to eat: Het Lage Licht, Loeve and Coffeebar @ Professor Splash


  • Admission to the Rotterdam Maritime Museum


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